I had a little bit of an adventure yesterday. I left the house, locked the door and would have to entertain myself until Sam, my host, would come back because I did not have a key. Great situation for an adventure, I would say. I went down the road to see an East African restaurant. The sun was blazing hot but it was not a long walk. When I arrived, the restaurant was closed. Only on Wednesdays. So typical, Sam told me later, since he was born and raised in Africa.

I’d heard about being able to cross the railway to take a shortcut toward the house of Ben, a friend of Sam. That sounded like an adventure to me. I walked towards it and there was a company with several big trucks and I did not know if it was no trespassing. Did not see a sign, though. I tried to find another shortcut, but twice just dead ends. I could walk all the way back and around some buildings, but it started to rain. It would take too much time to go all the way back, although I would be able to take shelter, but then what?

At the railway, I did not look back to see if somebody saw me and jumped across one of the tracks. Then I started running on my flip flops in the rain. It was cool to run next to a railway track. It felt being in a movie, but my adventure had only just started. After a short run I saw a black man and woman sit across the track in an opening in the forest. They were probably drinking and enjoying not being seen. I asked if I could go through the forest and if the tracks were still used. Both times, yes. I passed the couple and went down into the forest. Next, I saw fences and I hoped I wasn’t fenced in. I wasn’t!

I looked on my phone where I was and felt I had to keep right. Ben’s house was not far, but if I would follow the road, I would have to go all the way around. I decided I would look for a shorter way. While I was walking, the clouds opened up. I looked for shelter underneath a tree, but after a while I got so wet I decided to take a sprint towards an office building across the road and ran through the pouring rain. I made it!

I waited for a while and wondered what to do. These rains were so inviting. If I were at home, I would just run through and get wet! Hm, why not do that now? The only thing was my phone. I would need it on the rest of my journey. I went inside the building and asked for a plastic bag. The lady could not help me. I went outside and wondered how I could keep my phone dry. I only saw one solution. I took off my flip flops and put my phone in between them. Then, I took off my pants and wrapped it around the flip flops holding my phone. Then, I darted off into the rain.

I ran through the puddles of water. Oh, this was so nice! The water was warm and the air not too cold, either. I would have to keep right. Then, I saw a entrance in the forest next to me. I did not hesitate and went inside on my bare feet. This really felt like an adventure! My feet did well and I found myself on a small slope. Down at the bottom I saw a big creek that was wildly streaming through the forest. I walked parallel to it until I hit a fence. Now, I was forced to cross the water. Where would I cross? I found a place where the water was calmer and I got in. The water came above my knees, but it would not get higher. On the other side, I pulled myself up on a branch and continued my journey. Talk about being in a movie!

It was so exciting! After a while of dodging trees and thorns I came up to a fence. I tried to climb over but with my bare feet and barbed wire I decided I would not make it. There were all kinds of bottles and trash that people had thrown over the fence. I could see cars and people with umbrellas on the other side. The thought occurred to me that I might have to go back all the way. That thought had already come across several times that afternoon. No, I thought, there is a way forward. There must be a way out. Then, a big thunder clap went across the sky. Maybe not a good place to be during a thunderstorm? I panicked a little but regained myself. Rather calmly, I made my way back through the thick bushes and trash. I scratched my legs and arms a little and that reminded me to stay calm. Only a minute later, I found a whole between two fences and I got out!

The rain had become less. I walked towards a store and heard a black guy say: “He’s being all naked.” I put on my pants, went inside and asked for a plastic bag. I looked at my phone and saw that Ben’s house was just around the corner. When I arrived, they gave me a big towel and I waited there till Sam was home, again. It was so much fun! I felt like a little boy playing in the forest without caring about the weather. I wonder what’s next on this journey?



Adventure in the rain
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