Every wished to explore the world? Or have another adventure you’ve been dreaming about? I did not regret my decision to make a trip around the world and start all over again. Stepping into the unknown felt scary, but oh, I LOVED THE FEELING TO BE ON THE MOVE AGAIN.

I remember several occasions feeling stuck because I’d become happy with my comfort zone. “I need to get moving again.” Packing my bags and taking a bus or standing on the road with my thumb up. The anticipation of unknown adventures felt so good.

The anticipation of unknown adventures felt so good.

I came across a very inspiring video by Tim Ferriss about the book Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. He talks about how two monks would promise each other to travel. Because of their vows, they would say, “We will go in winter.” And in winter they would say, “We will go in summer.”

I’d rather not promise anyone when I will go.

I’d rather dream knowing that someday I will go.

Or I will just buy a ticket.

It’s like friends saying, “We need to hook up soon,” with the intention to see each other, but it never happens. I’d rather say, “Fare well. I might see you again someday.” I’d rather keep it completely open, or make an appointment right away.

I’d rather dream knowing that someday I will go.

Why is that? Could it really be because adventure starts only now? Making vague promises is using the future to find reasons NOT to go. Every time I listen to my reasoning, I will not go. I won’t do something I love. Strangely though, when I did not promise myself anything, my dreams would magically appear and I would step in.

Don’t use the future as an excuse not to do what you love. Dream now. Choose now. Because everything only starts now.

Adventure starts only now
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