At the gas station, I write my story because I am excited and want to write it down. I sit outside and I for some reason I would like to see a movie. I ask around if there is a movie theater and yes, there is one that does movies, or better said, a movie, on Saturdays and Sundays. I look up the movie. They play “Ant man” instead of “Warrior room”. It plays at 7:30 PM. I got some time left.

After that, I want to listen to some music. I move a bit further away from the gas station so that I am not bothered by the loud music they play and start to listen to a few recordings of myself playing the piano and singing. I love to listen to it over and over again. It makes me feel the same way I felt when I played it. I do ‘slackline’ on a piece of concrete that sticks out from the sidewalk. The music makes me sore 🙂

I love it and talk cool stuff to myself, or to an imaginary audience. As a kid I wanted to be an actor and now I feel like one, or like an entertainer of wisdom to whoever wants to hear. After a few songs, I see the sun go down and I feel the desire to walk up the hill to see the view. I walk through the grass, make a big leap over a dried up creek with my bags on and move on. A little further, I drop my bags and walk toward the fence I see. There, I see the clouds gather together in the far distance. It is a beautiful sight.

After a good twenty minutes, I walk back and let my feet do the work. I work alongside the dry creek and want to make a bigger leap, just because I can 🙂 It seems that the creek ends and there is no jumping to do, but right before the end, I have to make a turn and cross the creek and the hole is deep! I love it. I leap across, being in my own movie.

I am so much more in my own vibes when I follow my excitement! I walk back to the gas station and there I see a girl with a backpack. I stop to talk and she tells me what she’s up to. A guy comes later and they tell me they have traveled across the States. Their adventures are cool but I do not feel like joining them. They tell me how to recognize truckers that work for themselves and we say goodbye.

I look around at the gas station for something to eat because it is close to movie time. I see chili. Is it beef? It is. I buy a big cup with a biscuit and put it in a bag. It is time to find a ride. I see a guy go into the station and feel that’s the guy to ask. I wait till he comes out and say “Sir!” He shakes his head very slightly as to say, “no”. It feels like a movie seen. I say nothing and keep quiet (like in the better movies). Just before he enters the car, he turns around and asks where I need to go. “Just to the other side of the highway, to town.” “Hop in,” he says. What a great scene for a movie! 🙂

I tell him I hitchhike. “Do you know where the theater is?” He says, “You just want to go in town to see a movie?” He thinks it is funny. We have a nice little chat. He says: “Someone who speaks two languages is called bilingual, right? What do you call someone that speaks three languages?“ Trilingual. “What do you call someone that speaks one language?” A moron? “An American.” I take the bait: “I was close,” but apologize for the cheap joke.

After a few minutes he drops me at this cute little theater. I pay 7 dollars by sliding by credit card through a little device that is connected to the audio jack of an iPad and I’m in. I go outside, eat my chilli. I ask a youg guy, “Do they start at 7:30 sharp?” Sometimes they do! So, I better get in.

The movie is fun. After some credits, there is a surprise. I am glad I stayed a bit 🙂 After the movie, I go to the bathroom. When I come back to make a picture of the theater, I see a few people sit down again. There is supposed to be another surprise after all of the credits. There is a couple around 70 years old that have seen quite some Marvel movies and think it is fun! We exchange names and where we are from. They can’t drop me off at the gas station because they are in their mini cooper. Almost everyone is gone. I see the guy that I talked to earlier. He wants to drop me off. A lady talks to him while we are in the car and she wants to say a prayer for me.

After that, we drive off and the guy tells me that he lived in Russia and several other countries for 9 years as a street kid, was adopted and moved to California. He is 19 and has had a lot of adventures. I’m impressed. He’s writing a book about his life. Interesting kid! “Later, I want to do what you are doing,” he says. We talk a bit and say goodbye. Here I am, at the gas station again. It is 10 PM. I have lots of energy to write it all down.

With so much energy, I no longer if things will work out. It does not matter so much when you feel when so many cool things happen. Who knows where I will end up! I feel being in a movie sometimes.

Then I read that a scientist found out that there is a black hole at every atom’s nucleus. It makes so much sense! I do not know what that implies, yet, but it sounds just right.

When I am writing this, I meet the couple that I spoke to earlier. They ask if I would like to have a coffee and we go sit down at the International House of Pancakes that is open 24/7. I wanted a coffee when I was dropped off so it seems like a good idea. They don’t have cappuccino so I take an ice coffee with unlimited refills. Could sit here all night, now 🙂 The coffee is not too sweet, because the syrup sits at the bottom. Great choice!

The guy tells me his story. He used to earn a lot of money, live in a multi million dollar house working in finance and quit his job overnight. Now, they have been traveling for two years but got quite tired doing it. Their car broke down and was towed away and walked for two days out of the mountains. He says that he has seen beautiful things and that it was awesome, but also hard. He took al kinds of jobs that only payed 400 dollars a month working 40 hours a week.

They get really tired and leave me at the table. They pay for my coffee and leave me to my excitement. I watch a nice video I came across and feel inspired. I look back at the last two days and they have been so worth it! I am learning so much about keeping my spirits high and letting that influence my day.

My third glass of ice coffee – now unsweetened – is brought to the table. It is 1 AM.





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