I am in a good place! In life I mean. I was just eating sugar free pumpkin pie. It lacked all creativity and flavor. Now, I am eating strawberry cheesecake. It feels soooooo good, it is delicious. It sent me straight to heaven.

I can use the minor things of this world to get delighted, to get excited, to appreciate! I just love those sugar plants, man.

There’s blueberries on the cake. I just looooove the way they pop in my mouth. Oh, every bite goes together with bliss. This is so cool! Cheesecake is praying for me, haha, whoohahaha.

It wants to be enjoyed. People also want to be enjoyed, is that not obvious, now?! People do not want to be smothered with heavy energy, but they love to be appreciated freely.

Sugar wants to be enjoyed. And when it is appreciated by the whole planet, it will change its qualities so it will fit humanities’ view about it. Probably.

Humanity has split energy about sugar. They love the taste but they hate the fact that it makes them fat. While suger is just energy! It is a gift to the hard working people! Sugar is not inherently bad! It is the labels that we put on it. It swings me right into bliss.

I love the cheese cake and communicate that by eating it. The cheese cake loves me and communicates that by giving me pleasure 🙂 mutual love is beautiful hehe

Cheese cake
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