At the motel, I took a shower in the evening (8:30 PM that is) and went straight to bed. Next morning, I take another shower, open the door and let the fresh air in. I had a great night. I have some fun on the internet with a group I just joined and take it easy.

Around 10 AM I check out of the little cute motel. “What’s next,” I ask myself. I am looking forward to have breakfast at the diner. I order a nice vegetable omelet with sweet potato fries on the side. I watch a short Mooji video when I hear the waitress talk about rhubarb pie. I love rhubarb pie!

Some years ago, at work, a colleague brings rhubarb pie for her birthday and no one touches it! The sound of it makes people cautious. A young colleague and friend is not afraid and we both eat the pie. It is delicious! From that moment we use rhubarb pie whenever a seemingly difficult comes up that is actually pretty nice when you engage it. To me, this seems the perfect moment to eat rhubarb pie because I will be asking people for a ride again!

I get a message from my sister. She would like to Skype. The background noise makes me go outside in the shade at the back of the diner. We have a lovely conversation and it was so good to hear her voice, her thoughts and to see her. “It is as if you are here,” she says. She is proud of what I am doing and that makes me appreciate even more what I am doing in this phase in my life.

I go to the gas station to buy my favorite Magnum. I buy two. Nobody wants it again. One mother does not want to give her kids junk. But if you truly enjoy it, it is not junk! Hehe. So I eat both. I talk to one man I offer the ice cream. He turns out to be a bow hunter (!) and he is on his way to shoot bears and elks with a long bow in Mexico! It is so cool talking to this guy. He is totally doing what he loves.

I see a man in his fifties get out of his small car, a Honda, and say hello. When he comes out of the gas station, I ask him if he goes to Denver. He does not but he can bring me 30 miles down the road to a busier place. Great!

“I keep the windows down because the AC does not work.” I like window air! We take off and we raise our voice to have a conversation. In the short trip, we talk about politics, his life story, my work, a better world, helping others and we’ve exchanged more in twenty minutes than in most other conversations.

The guy was a drug addict five years ago and was really getting his life back on the road. Now, he helps veterans that have mental illness after their service. He just bought his first (small) car, a new house – of which he shows me proudly his pictures – and just came from buying groceries and dinner for his brother, who got into drugs after the state took two of his water wells and his crops failed. “Life is good,” he says and he hopes for a better world, he says. We agree on that and I leave the car.




Colorado roads
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