From business to value

Business [bizniz] or business [bizzi-ness]? Or can business be more than running around being busy? I am getting always excited about the idea of creating value instead of just trading hours for money which now seems such a short term strategy. I like to co-create with people and be long term thinkers and creative problem solvers.

Snowball effect
For me, the core of creating value with value is, to get people excited about the idea of the snowball effect in business. That they can help someone who can then help someone. The idea of empowering people. If we can show people how they can create more value when they do things different, they can become empowered and empowering people as well. THAT gets me excited.

Cause ripple effects that can cause ripple effects.


General ideas for expanding

Some ideas:

  • focus on value first before business
  • involve others
  • teaching people your craft
  • involve amateur enthusiasts
  • become an example for others in the industry
  • work together with other specialists
  • get the best semi finished products from others to work with
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