I am dropped off at OZO coffeeshop at Pearl street and look at the menu to find something that feels good. I go for a Bhakti Chai with almond milk and less sweetener. Who, that is spicy! It has quite some ginger in it. We really are in granola city! The guy that gave me a ride in Kansas heard that I was heading for Boulder and he called them the granola people: people that are conscious of what they eat and their health. I think that would make all my friends granola people, too!

“What I love about Boulder, is that everyone is conscious, even the hair dresser,” a young woman that I met yesterday, said. She moved out to Boulder and confirms that it is a great place. Riding through it on the bus, I love the feel of the city. The buildings are mostly two stories high which makes it very accessible. And you can see the mountains, because Boulder is right at the foot of the Rockies.

image“This one is on me,” the guy in the coffeeshop says after I confirm that I am backpacking. He wants some good karma when he goes on a bike tour across the west coast of the United States.

Yesterday, I arrived in Boulder. I went straight to the Integral Center where there was a workshop of the group that I follow online. They have already started and play a video, but I saw the video two days ago in the online course that I follow. I walk outside to eat the rest of my salade that I bought in a hurry at Denver Union Station. During the workshop we talk about “following your bread crum trail of excitement”. The idea is that you no longer reason about what is good to do, but feel into it and when you let yourself guide by those ‘bread crums’ you start living your passion very quickly.

Wow, a lot of hip people here. I guy with one artificial leg and a long beard plays guiter really well and sings improv. A lot of owners with beautiful dogs, this is a really hip place!

The last few days have been exercising following this trail. I was hitchhiking through Kansas. Some of the things I did:

  • Being awake the whole night at a 24/7 pancake place
  • Watching some videos online
  • Taking a truckers’ shower in the morning
  • Kind of waiting for a ride the entire day
  • Being ignored by people, feeling awkward
  • Turning things around and making people feel awkward by looking at them to get eye contact (that felt much better because now I am not the one feeling socially awkward)
  • Hearing “No, I am not taking strangers” without looking at me
  • Having some friendly conversations with more open minded people
  • Having had enough of not getting a ride around 4 PM and wanting to be in Boulder for a workshop at 7 PM
  • Just not giving a shit and asking for a ride with my backpack on, determined to get a ride
  • Asking everyone I see, wether they are old, female, alone, big, scary
  • Getting a riding to Denver from girl that asks me not to say anything when her boyfriend calls because he is protective
  • Having a sweet conversation about life, career change, what do you really want to do? It is great!
  • Missing the bus and being stressed because I have no cash on me, while earlier that day, I had a hunch for two times to get some cash from the machines.
  • Hearing “You will be on time and miss nothing” and still being stressed a little bit.
  • Having a lovely ride to Boulder, missing a little bit of the lovely view because I fell asleep after 33 hours of no sleep
  • Walking into the workshop in the middle of a video that I already saw, so I even had time to eat my super nice kale salad that I bought at Union Station
  • Staying for dinner after the meeting with such lovely people
  • Getting to know people of the community that I wanted to be with
  • Getting offered a bed at someone’s lovely house and being brought to the coffee shop in the morning.

So, I am sitting at the OZO coffee shop in Boulder. The synchronicity is getting overwhelming. People talk to me, I meet so many people, I get offered a room, I talk to people about cool things, I meet cool people, ask “can I smoke on the streets, I’m not from around”. I realize that I have come into something that will be very fundamental for the rest of my life. Yesterday, the urge to be in Boulder, to join the meeting was strong enough to break through the lethargy of not wanting to ask people. Now, I’m seeing the fruits of that courage and everything falls into place. All kinds of old conditioning just falls off of me, just by deciding to travel, following my excitement, learning new things, meeting people, being courageous… I change my home on Facebook into Boulder. I like it here!

imageI give the guitar guy some money and tell him I liked his improv. He was reminding me of some improv some of my friends did once on the streets singing about what they saw happen around them. Very cool.

I will be picked up in twenty minutes by somebody to go see a room with some of the people from the workshop, yesterday. I see a guy and I get excited about buying him a drink. He already has a drink and when I want to give him money he moves away from me and does not hear me because of his earplugs. Then, I see a guy that I saw in the meeting and I talk to him. I give him money to buy a drink. We have a lovely conversation. Then, we meet a girl that he knows and it gets even lovelier 🙂

Then, I am being picked up to see the house. We have lovely conversations and it feels all very good. I will be sleeping in the attic the next two weeks, a bit warm during the week, but perfect at night! I meet with a guy that has so much of the same vision of making music in a different way, that I am quite surprised when I hear someone say exactly how I feel about it. This is very promising!

I install myself in the attic. All of my stuff fits in one little cabinet in a room that is so huge that I train for a marathon if I wanted. Later that day, we go shopping and I cook in ‘my’ new kitchen. We are going to hang out with some friends of the community that I wanted to hang out with to begin with, when I started to make my travel plans. They have a grand piano and a hot tub!!

Getting to Boulder
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