I just had an amazing conversation with Stephanie. I connected with her on my first day in Boulder and she offered me a place to sleep for the first night. She’s an amazing woman who coaches executives and I asked her if she could help me answering some questions. She was delighted to.

It is so nice to talk to someone else about the things I am exploring. I quit my job a month ago and I feel I am not going back to a similar job and that makes me want to explore what I want to do instead. This trip has been amazing so far and I feel I am discovering about what I really want to do. Today, Stephanie helped me with that by asking some questions.

My values
The first question was: “What values are underneath everything you currently do?” After some exploring, I came up with these values: connection, serving and personal growth.

Living my life from these values means:
Having new experiences and doing things I have not done before, seeing things in a way I have not seen before and expanding my vision, connecting with my true self, with others and my environment, being of service to others in creative, new ways and giving my time, money and attention freely and spontaneously.

I have based my decisions off of these value in a more extreme way then ever. I have giving ALL of my money and time for a journey of personal growth, connection and service. I am going around the globe with this specific mission but without knowing what exactly I will encounter.

I have known this before, but it’s very clear to me: self-growth is not just about me, it is about being able to give more to others – and thus connecting – to be able to be a greater gateway for hope, love, truth and life through giving whatever I have, be it my attention, time or money. The funny thing is, I discovered that the way of service and growth is also the way of following my excitement in every moment, which of course, is a very beneficial side effect 🙂

My vision
What I see, is that I will be living this kind of lifestyle with others that have the same dream: to go beyond what we currently think is possible and to bring that into this world together, when we devote all of our resources to expansion, connection and service. I have met a group of people that is exploring such a lifestyle here in Boulder. I have friends back at the place I call home that want to live this way. It is what we were born to do.

It seems that we are all a bit scared of really giving ALL that we have, though. It is quite risky, but that’s what I am ready for. There is not really another way to live. And what if the fear I feel is just excitement being misunderstood?

What is there to lose? My reputation? At least I am doing what I want, in a greater way than ever before. I do not know where this journey leads but I know how it feels: being in touch with life and being a gateway for life. It is the only thing I want to do.

More pictures at my 2015 album on Google Plus.

Giving all that I have
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