I woke up so fresh and so happy. Yesterday, I visited a couple together with Aaron and we had a lot of goofy fun. It was great to be together, besides the black bean chocolate muffins we ate that had no flour.

I realized a few things this morning. Having fun is being me! Saying “fuck this” greatly helps to find myself again. There are many situations in which this brings great freedom! After saying that, you can care for the things that really matter. It is as if a space opens up to be authentic.
There are times that I say “I don’t know” but it feels much better to say “Let’s see”. There is always a way out, a way forward. That is what I am learning, now. I feel more steady and the anticipation grows for things to come.

The strange thing is the way I see money. When I feel that the money gets less when I spend it, I spend from a limited purse. When I feel I am making more money when I spend it, however, then I am spending from an infinite source. I limit the way finances can come to me by thinking that my source is limited. This journey is a great place to test it out. I feel so much taken care of that I worry less and less about whether it will all work out.

This journey is such a good experience in many things! I learn to trust that things always work out, also in more extreme circumstances. The fun thing is, however, that things work out much easier and easier when I decide to be the one who creates all this. When I wait on circumstances, things tend to stall, but when I say “Let’s do it” things get into motion and I get excited. I am so happy to be where I am!

I learn to be more precise with what I want. I see that when I was at the community where I stayed for a week; I waited more than I wanted. I let my choices be influenced by the choices of others. That is not such a good place to be in, even though I have been in it for most of my life. It feels so good to make my own choices. The choice of quitting my job and going on a journey is the best decision I have made, even though that one decision needs many other daily decisions, but hey, that’s the fun of it!

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