Dave Solazzo

“I wish I could have worked with me.”

The first video I made on my trip around the world was with Dave. We had a conversation with some new friends about marketing and I said that I wanted to see marketing consist of real and authentic stories, for example, with Dave. He was all into it. A few days later we shot the video on his veranda with the available tools we had: Dave’s camera and his computer.

I had met Dave just a week earlier. Sitting in a hot tub I asked people which movie character they wanted to be. Dave came by and told me he liked Maximus, the main character of the gladiator. A role that would fit him well. He also associated with the main characters of hero movies, such as portrayed in the Marvel series. I told Dave I saw him as more balanced, as those characters often show a need to prove themselves.

Little did I know that that small chat would develop into an interview one week later. I asked Dave all kinds of questions about his journey in life. At one point I noticed that something shifted because I started to feel emotions. I knew that this was the part that I would use to make a video. Not many minutes later, the camera gave notice of a full memory card, just seconds after Dave’s last statement that can also be seen in the video.

Dave told me that he enjoyed having the space to tell his story because normally he is the one asking his clients questions. He wanted to interview me as well, just because it is such a great opportunity to get to know someone better, so who know, when a video with me will appear.

Watch the video below for a glance behind the scenes and the funny side of Dave during the shoot of this video.