Jerrik Keller

“I surround myself with the most amazing teachers.”

During a retreat in California, I had a few conversations with Jerrik. Every time, the topic of changing things in life came about. Jerrik had just seen the impact of surrendering to the idea of not being confident in his life. Every time he talked about that, I started to get emotional because it helped me to accept where I perceived myself to be. Apparently, I really believed what he said.

I love to share experiences that moves me. So, after those conversations, I wanted to make a video with Jerrik. Being at a retreat in California we ended up at the beautiful beach of Carmel in the late afternoon with a group of friends and this video had to be made.

While he talked about surrendering to where you are, it happened again that I felt emotional. We talked about a lot more things, but I knew I wanted to use for the video. Even when editing the material, I could feel this message still be relevant for me.