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Free European bank account

Another option is to open a free bank account at N26, a German online bank. They offer a free debit Mastercard and have low charges on withdrawals, payments and service costs.


Opening local US checking account for foreigners

Read this article about opening a free local US bank account for non USA citizens.

Transferring currencies with TransferWise

You can use TransferWise to send money in different currencies without high fees. You can even setup a Borderless account so that you have bank details in different countries without needing to going to a bank.

Innovative banking

Interested in really innovative banking? Read about ‘The bank of joy’ in The Netherlands.

Cool social bank in the Netherlands

For people in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria: Bunq, the social bank. You can create multiple free bank accounts and even share your bank account with others, or give people a budget on your bank account.

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