Bunq, the social bank

For people in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria: Bunq, the social bank. You can create multiple free bank accounts and even share your bank account with others, or give people a budget on your bank account. At bunq they are constantly creating new ways to deal with money.

Thanks to their independence they can be totally different from traditional banks. They don’t invest in shady companies, sell your information or waste your time by making you come to their branch.

Create up to 10 separate bank accounts – for free! Make one for your salary, the groceries, your vacation – you name it. Each account has its own IBAN. Switch your debit card from one bank account to another instantly.

Open an account within 10 minutes at www.bunq.com

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Free European bank account

Another option is to open a free bank account at N26, a German online bank. They offer a free debit Mastercard and have low charges on withdrawals, payments and service costs.

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Innovative banking

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