Send money with the real exchange rate.

Banks could charge you up to 5% in hidden costs when sending money to any bank account abroad. TransferWise is up to 8x cheaper on surveyed routes. It’s only fair.

Pay into our bank account in your country. We pay your recipient from our account in their country using the real exchange rate.

Borderless account

Say bye to crazy bank fees and even crazier exchange rates. Old-fashioned bank accounts only work properly in one country and one currency. And it gets expensive when you try to use them across borders. TransferWise’s new Borderless account solves all of this and saves you money.

Now you can send, receive and organise your money without crazy fees or even-crazier exchange rates – just a small, fair charge when your money moves between currencies. The great thing about your TransferWise Borderless Account is that you can use it just like a bank account in many cases; for sending payments to other accounts or receiving payments from your clients or employer using the bank details attached to your borderless accounts.

Your TransferWise Borderless Account is an Electronic Money account. It’s different from a bank account because you won’t be able to get an overdraft or loan; you won’t earn interest on your account; although your bank details are unique, they don’t represent real bank accounts, but simply ‘addresses’ for your Electronic Money account, meaning you can receive payments much like a real bank account; Your money is protected and safeguarded, but not guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) that you may get with a bank account. 

Debit Mastercard

Since February 2018, Transferwise offers a free debit Mastercard connected to your borderless account. This means you can spend your currencies with your debit card all accross the world. You can also take money out of any ATM that supports Mastercard and the fees are very low.

Sign up for a free transfer at TransferWise

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Other alternatives

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Free European bank account

Another option is to open a free bank account at N26, a German online bank. They offer a free debit Mastercard and have low charges on withdrawals, payments and service costs.


Opening local US checking account for foreigners

Read this article about opening a free local US bank account for non USA citizens.

Innovative banking

Interested in really innovative banking? Read about ‘The bank of joy’ in The Netherlands.

Cool social bank in the Netherlands

For people in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria: Bunq, the social bank. You can create multiple free bank accounts and even share your bank account with others, or give people a budget on your bank account. 

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